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Well, he’s only three and he got his first email today. No, he doesn’t have his own account but a guy in my men’s group sent him one. The guy who gave us tickets for the Lexington Legends emailed Colby about a thank you note Colby wrote. The preschool at church has a hand writting program and it’s pretty impressive. Colby can just about write any letter, upper and lower case, so for pratice in writting and manners we have Colby write John a thank you note for the tickets.

I gave John the note the other night at our men’s group and he wrote Colby last night saying he was welcome for the tickets and that he had hoped he had fun. He also thanked him for the note. Colby was thrilled to pieces as I read him the email. With Colby though, he may have been able to read it himself.