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Colby’s night out

Every so often, Misty and I try to take Colby, our oldest son, out without his brothers so he gets our undivided attention. We did this last night for pizza, books and ice cream. It’s always fun when we do this as Colby is always coming up with something interesting...

Confusing feed issues

Ok, maybe I’m confused a bit. I created a Feedburner feed for my page and it shows me how many people are using that feed. Everything shows that three people are using it. Thanks to public blogs with bloglines, I know the three people. Or at least I thought I did....

Date night

Just got back from a date night with Misty. My parents watched the boys while we went out and had dinner just the two of us. Nothing special, Ruby Tuesdays and the shopping at Dollar Tree and Walmart. Funny, it just doesn’t get any better. dj