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Good bye UWR.

When I finally settled on a college to graduate from, and I jumped around a bit at first, I settled on Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond. One of the requirements when I got there was the University Writing Requirement (UWR). Basically it was an essay you had to...

Who did you pray for this weekend?

Our pastor took a small break at the beginning of the service this weekend and ask us to take a minute and pray for the tragedy at Virginia Tech. they listed the names of those who lost their lives and ask us to pick one name and pray for that person and their family....

Is Church IT Roundtable disconnected?

I was hoping this week to see some post from Jason, Ed or Tony on the Church IT Roundtable down in Texas but nobody seems to be posting on it. I was wondering if their network was down and if I needed to come down and fix it? 😉 dj

Skype and your sound system

There was a thread last month at Churchmedia.net dealing with a church wanting to make a phone call and allow the church to hear the conversation. The user ended up using Skype to make the call. All he had to do was to patch the pc into the sound board. Many of us do...