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Nutritional information

Jan 16, 2009 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

One of the things I have done this week is to start keeping a closer track on not only what I eat but on what everything I eat has as far as nutrition. Counting calories and fats. Sparkpeople.com has a good on line way of tracking this and for the first two days was very helpful. It has a lot of food already in the system including fast food places and brand name items.

Last night was a boys night out for me and the kids. It was also Colby’s scouts night at Cici’s Pizza where Cici’s donated a portion of the receipts from 6 to 9 pm to the pack so off we went. I didn’t want to eat a lot of pizza like I normally would so I went to the salad bar twice filling up on salad before I got any pizza. I did go and have some pizza after the salad but no where near as much as I normally would.

So after coming home and putting the boys to bed, I logged in to log my food. Well Cici’s didn’t was not already in the system at Sparkpeople.com but they do have a way for you to add foods so off to Cici’s Pizza website I go. Well I like spicy foods, just ask Jim Walton 😉 and Cici’s has a buffalo pizza which is great. But that pizza along with some other pizza that I had was not on their website. I decided this morning to email the company to request more information. To my surprise, not only did I get a reply with the information in it, but one of the items I requested didn’t contain enough information as far as the toppings of the pizza. The person at Cici’s ask me to email them back with the toppings and they would send me the information and within an hour I got that information as well.

So it does pay to be persistent in keeping the information. I can see each day where I do good and where I did bad. I can learn from what I keep information on. I can now also make better decisions on when I go back to Cici’s since I have better information on what their food contains calorie and fat wise. Like they say, Knowing is half the battle 🙂



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