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Workout equpiment and bad day

Jan 22, 2009 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Well Thursday was not a good day fitness wise. The first couple of days while working out I have been using a stationary bike. The only issue was the seat was not very secure and I felt like I was being beaten silly. So I thought I would use a differnt bike. Well the bike I picked didn’t have the straps for your feet to hold them on the pedels. While pedeling, my foot kept bumping the bars that holds the pedels and then my foot would come off of the pedel. Well after 15 minutes I finally gave up and decided to try an eliptical for the rest of my time. I think I will prefer it but have to get used to using it.

Then lunch was bad also. 🙁 I had taken my lunch but my friend asked to go out for some Mexician. Well I have been wanting some fajitas for a while so I gave in. Not a good choice but did it anyway.

After coming home and eating dinner and hanging with the boys before bed, I decided to go for a walk. I knew I needed to do something to make up for the rest of the day. I headed out in the nice cool air and walked for about 20 minutes. Friday I hope will be a better day 🙂



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