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Weekend to Remember

Apr 11, 2010 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Each year, Misty and I take a weekend and go somewhere just the two of us. We are pretty lucky that I have parents that want to invest time into the lives of their grandchildren so they watch the boys for us while we go somewhere. This year we decided to go to Nashville and attend Family Life’s Weekend to Remember. We had went to one of Familylife’s one day conference in Cincinnati right after we got married and since then had wanted to attend the Weekend to Remember. Well as John Lennon put it, Life is just what happens to you, While your busy making other plans. Work, kids and just stuff in general, we never got around to attending. And to be honest, I had totally forgotten that the conference even existed. I happened to stumble back on it last summer and after some research and some working things out, we decided to go. At first we were going to attend in Cincinnati but after a schedule conflict we had to move it to Nashville.

Well, let me just say we were glad to go. The speakers were great. Tim Downs was one of the speakers. He has a great heart for marriages and is a very gifted speaker. Tim was paired up with Larry and Anne Kayser. Tim is a pastor there in the Brentwood area and him and his wife make a great team. They spoke from the heart and were very open and honest with everyone. Tim’s wife Joy was there for Friday evening but she was not seen after that. Tim later told us that the conference speakers are usually a couple paired up with another speaker and that Joy had come down with him for a while.

The conference is set up to teach you biblical principles for marriage and then to get you to engage with your spouse on the topic. They have a few “projects” to do with your spouse over the weekend and build in a date night on Saturday night. One of the projects is to get you to right a love letter to your spouse. When I first seen this, I thought Yea, I can do this. But when I started to read into it I got to thinking, I can do this but I don’t want to just write some lame letter. By the time I got to write it, I really wanted to put my heart into it and write Misty and tell her a letter she would treasure for the rest of her life. In fact, this project became the highlight of my weekend. I really liked writing Misty her letter and her letter to me, well; I want to make sure I keep it so I can go back and read it time and time again.

Overall the weekend was really amazing. What really caught my attention was on Sunday afternoon before it was over. Tim took a microphone around and let people have a chance to tell everyone what the weekend had meant to them. One guy really caught my attention. You always hear the stories on how these conference changes people’s lives and marriages. By the look of him, you would have to guess that he was drug there by his wife. I think he even said that he didn’t know if anything could save their marriage. Well he said in tears that the weekend had saved his marriage. I mean one weekend. And really not even a full weekend. You have two session on Friday night and some on Saturday morning and afternoon. That evening is date night so there is no sessions then. Just a couple of days investment in not only your spouse but your entire marriage.

Next year, we are thinking about going again, but this time volunteer. But first, I have some reading material to work through. Also, if you want to attend the Weekend to Remember, there is one scheduled for September in Louisville. Go to my group page and use the group name of dljordaneku. Also, through April 28 I think, there is a special sale price. If you are interested, just let me know and I will fill you in.


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