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Camping and cave tours

Jun 30, 2010 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

We went camping this past weekend with Colby’s cub scout den to Carter Caves. What made this trip different for us was the fact that Zach and Gabe went with us. This was their first time camping and they loved it. There were a few moments where they had some stuff to get used to but over all they did great. They learned that when we are out with the scouts that they have to wash and put away their own dishes. We don’t do paper plates and cups. We all have our own mess kit and we clean up after ourselves. For breakfast on Sunday morning, I seen Zack get up and go wash his stuff without any asking from me. After he was finished eating, he got up and went over to the cleaning station and took care of it all.

I love the fact that I can spend this time with the boys. I know it will be something they never forget. Right now is an important time in their lives. They will learn how to love and treat their kids later in life. Also camping will help them learn to be more independent. They learn how to do things on their own and not have to rely on Misty or I for things.

The fog in the darker areas make for an erie site underground.

The cave tours were amazing. You spend pretty much all of your life above ground and never get to see what God has done underground. There was one cave that has a waterfall in it. The amazing thing is that no one knows where the water comes from. The tour guide told us that they have tested every source of water that they know of that leads to that cave and none of it seems to flow into that waterfall. Saturday was a busy day of tours and some geocaching which we have a lot to learn there. We found two but never realized it.

Over all it was a fun trip and the boys loved it. Did they get tired? You tell me. 🙂


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