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New Chapters

Aug 10, 2010 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Wednesday begins a new chapter in our lives. The twins start kindergarten tomorrow and Misty also starts a new job. She is now an Instructional Assistant at the kindergarten where the twins will be at. She has worked at the same place the twins have been since they started preschool and that has been very important to us. That keeps her on the same schedule as they are. The last couple of years have been a bit more difficult as Colby has been on a different schedule at times due to the preschool using a different county’s schedule. The preschool goes by Fayette County’s snow schedule while we live in Jessamine County. But God has blessed us tremendously over the last 4 years by providing the job at Southland for Misty and now at the Jessamine Early Learning Village.

With that closes the door for her at Southland. She has worked there since the twins were just months old. They will turn 6 in December. It’s a sad time but a happy time for the both of us. Sad that she leaves all of her coworkers there but happy that she starts a new chapter in her career. We are hoping in the next year or so she can go back to school and get certified to teach preschool and move over to a full time teaching position there at the Village. But we know it will work out in God’s timing. God is never late and always on time. We know this and now we just go where God had led us. We just pray that we continue to learn His will for our lives and go where that leads. No matter where. 🙂



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