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“You can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The highway to hells is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way. But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it.
Matthew 7:13-14(NLT)

This is a post that I have thought about trying to write for the last couple of weeks but just can’t seem to nail down how I want it to go. So let’s see what happens.

The last year or so has been a mind boggler for me. One thing I have learned is that the path is narrow. It doesn’t take much to fall off of it. Like verse 14 says, the road is difficult. I can vouch for that. I have been trying to focus my walk along that narrow path but the more I focus it seems like the narrower the path gets. When the narrower it gets, the tougher it gets. Another thing I have noticed it that even though the path seems narrower it really isn’t. It’s just the thorns and weeds along the path creep in on the path trying to pull you in to their destruction.

I find the more I focus on God, the more tends to get in the way. I can only conclude that I am on the right path but I need to quit getting distracted and stay focused. So what will it take? What do I need to keep the thorns and weeds away? Like I said the path doesn’t get any narrower and I also don’t think the path is too narrow for just one person. The more I focus on God means that I need more help in my life to keep the thorns away. I need people to walk beside me that will crush the thorns and weeds under their feet while I walk on the unobstructed path.

All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Suppers), and to prayer.
Acts 2:42(NLT)

As Acts 2:42 points out, all believers came together to share life with one another. Community plain and simple. But there is more to it than that. It’s great to get a bunch of friends together and talk to each other about what is going on in our lives.

Dear brothers and sisters, if another believers is overcome by some sin, you who are godlys should gently and humbly help that person back onto the right path. And be careful not to fall into the same temptation yourself. Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ.
Galatians 6:1-2 (NLT)

Galatians has that covered. It talks about helping each other back onto the path. There we are again. Back on the path. It also says to be careful to not fall into the same temptation yourself. Again, we are on the path together. We need to make sure we have someone to walk this path with us. Trust plays a major factor in this. We just won’t open up to anyone nor should we.

We need to know the person that we want to hold us accountable will and that they won’t go blabbing your mess to the whole world. We all mess up. We all make mistakes. We all have issues that we need to talk out to get resolved. That is why we need someone we can trust. Someone we can open up to and talk though the issues of life. Not just someone who will give you a pity party whenever you feel bad. You don’t need anyone who will just agree with you when you try and reason yourself out of sin.

Can we walk this path alone? No. There is no way for us to be able to. With all of the destruction that lay along our path, there is no way we can walk it alone. We can’t watch our left for the weeds on the right will grab us. We can’t defeat the weeds on the right because then the thorns on the left will pull us in. We have to have the accountability. We have to have the help. Who do you have in your life to hold you accountable? What are you doing to find someone you can trust? Are you opening up your life to someone who will help you stay on the path?