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RIP Sparky

Nov 5, 2010 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

One of the things I remember most when growing up is the Big Red Machine. Living in Cincinnati during the hey day of the Big Red Machine, I grew up having Johnny Bench and Pete Rose as my idols. The Big Red Machine lost one of their own yesterday with the passing of Sparky Anderson the manager who lead what was possibly the greatest team ever in the National League. I always remembered him coming out to the mound while never stepping on the foul line. I remember in the late 70’s with the “fire sale” of the Reds when the team started releasing or trading all of the players from the Big Red Machine. I can still remember telling dad that the Reds will never be good anymore since they got rid of all of their good players. And I was right for a while. It took them almost 10 years before they would win another World Series and have never really been a dominate team like they were in the 70’s.

Here’s to you Sparky.



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