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May 24, 2011 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Some good friends of ours just recently moved back home to Missouri just a few miles north of Joplin, an area that was just devastated by an EF-4 tornado. Bryce works for a church in Joplin and they are out loving on people and helping in any way they can. His latest post on twitter talks about how emotions are catching up with him and I can see why based on the photos coming out of the area. They are in desperate need of materials and also prayer. If you have time, please consider donating to the Red Cross but also please keep these people in your prayers, not only those effected by the destruction but also to those out helping. I haven’t forgotten Alabama, they are still in need so don’t forget them. It’s just this time to me, it’s hit a little closer to home. Keep strong Bryce and keep loving on those who need it. We got your back in prayer.


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