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Thanks for ruining Christmas

Dec 4, 2011 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

I want to say thanks to the companies like Walmart, Target and other big companies that have pretty much ruined Christmas for me. Over the last couple of years I’ve noticed something missing during Christmas time and I have always wondered what it is. Is it lack of a White Christmas? Is it just living in a different city? What? After talking the other night with Misty, I think I have it. Things. Or the need of people in this world to have things. Hey what are you getting aunt sue? Well I think I need to get sister Jane this. I think grandpa Joe will want this.

The real meaning of the season is slowly being ripped away from us by people wanting things and companies pushing sales down your throat. Hey it’s our 1 day sale. Hey it’s our 3 day amazing Christmas sale. Well sale this. I’m tired of it.  You can’t watch tv or listen to the radio without hearing some kind of promotion for the next sale. Funny how if you add up all of the x day sales, you will end right at Christmas Eve. Now I know companies love Christmas time for their budget. I did live in a household that lived off of retail. I know what the Christmas season means to these companies. But I think we have reach a point where enough is enough. I mean people are fighting in Walmart for crockpots. People are willing to do just about anything to make sure little Johnny gets his new XBox.

Now I am also not against buying anything for people. In fact I love going after work someday and going shopping for Misty. I love taking a day and going out with Misty and going shopping for the boys. It’s just with so many people suffering in this world, fighting over a crockpot is just stupid. Hundreds of people are sleeping homeless tonight around Lexington but lets sleep over night in a tent in front of a store to get Johnny his Xbox. Families all over the US are homeless after loosing their jobs but lets get that credit card so we can save 10% on Aunt Sues sweater.

As I try and ignore the madness, I turn to the radio to listen to Christmas music thinking that will get me in the spirit. Nope, the radio station around here that plays non stop Christmas music started way before Thanksgiving and if you listen to it enough, you will get tired of it real quick. I bet I could list about 8 to 10 songs with the person who sings it and you would hear at least 1 or 2 within 15 minutes of turning the station on. And most of them are about how great Christmas is. Keep in mind that most of them don’t even mention Jesus at all.

Again I love hearing Rudolph and Winter Wonderland but not nonstop. Would it kill someone to hear Silent Night and Away in a Manger every now and then? I’m not going to go run around screaming don’t take Christ out of Christmas. It kills me to hear people scream that in December but never say a word the other 11 months.

So what am I going to do?  I’m going to start by doing what I think God wants me to do. I’m going to teach my boys that Christmas is not about getting gifts but giving them. I’m going to show them what it means to be the hands and feet of God. Our church on Christmas Eve is going to host a dinner for families that are less fortunate. But we will not stop in December. A couple of months ago we volunteered at the Lighthouse Missions in Lexington. The boys loved serving and so did me and Misty. I can see us doing that again soon.

So. What are you going to do? Are you part of the problem or are you going to be part of the solution?


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