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They really are learning or the night Colby turned Klove off

Mar 28, 2012 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Yea. I know. Weird title. But hopefully it got your attention. 🙂

One thing the boys do when going to bed each night is they turn the radio on to K-Love. They love listening to it and will ask to turn it on in the van or car. On Sunday nights K-Love does what they call A Closer Look, where they take a topic and talk about it with experts in the field and then with their staff pastors.

This past Sunday I was in Barbourville to go see a friend after his grandmother had past away. On my way over to my parent’s house, I was listening to K-Love down there when the show came on. Now Colby doesn’t like it when it comes on to begin with since they are not playing music but most of the time he will leave it on so when the show is over he can listen to the music. Well this night was a little different. The show was dealing with a mature topic that young kids shouldn’t be listening to. So when I heard this, I picked up my phone and called Misty. So upstairs she goes and meets Colby on the way downstairs. He didn’t mention anything about the radio but about something else different. But when Misty gets upstairs she notices that the radio in both rooms are off. Misty asked Gabe about the radio and he told her that Colby said it was going to be about something inappropriate and turned his and their radio off.

Talking about making a dad proud. Colby stood up for himself and for his brothers and did the right thing and turned both radios off so they didn’t hear what was being talked about. We have talked to him several times about stuff he shouldn’t watch and listen to but sometimes you have to wonder if he is really listening. I guess he is.

Sometimes all we can do is teach and just hope it takes. I think it is.


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