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Bottle Caps and Brain Freeze

Aug 25, 2012 | Uncategorized | 0 comments



So who remember the game Coke the Real Thing or Pepsi Spirit from the 70s? I had almost forgotten it but the other day as I was walking into a local convenience store I just happened to look down and seen a bottle cap Ale-8-1 and the memories of those games came to mind. Basically it was simple, Coke lids would have a 1 word from the saying Coke the Real Thing and Pepsi lids would have a letter and you had to spell Pepsi Spirit. If you did either one, you won like a big prize.

I can’t remember how much but something like $1,000 comes to mind. Or course there was only 1 grand prize from each company, so there was only 1 cap with the word Real and only 1 with the letter R. Actually I think my aunt was tricked one time when someone had taken one of the letter P lids and drew an extra leg on it to make it look at an R. We found out later that the letter R lid was in a different color so people couldn’t do that and claim the money.

Anyway why do I bring this up. Those lids are just a small part of my childhood. It wasn’t much but it does bring up good memories. So I ask, what small things are you doing with your kids to give them something to remember the good times with you?

Growing up, my dad and I would go out to Laurel Lake and go fishing for an evening. Sometimes we would catch something and sometimes nothing. But it was nothing to hook up the boat to the van and get in and take off for the lake when he got home from work. Of course a stop at the bait shop, aka lets get something to eat here, and get what we need for fishing. 🙂 Sometimes we would make a weekend trip out of it and go to Cherokee Lake and go fishing. Side note, one time I caught a 5 pound small mouth there. For a small mouth, that’s huge. I know you are going to say that is my fishing tale. Well mom and dad have photos somewhere of it. I will have to go through them and see.

Of course fishing is only 1 thing that we did. From baseball to camping to fishing, dad always tried to make time for me and my brother. He would coach our baseball teams. He would take us fishing and when my brother was in scouts he went camping.

Now I try to do some small things with the boys. Before the twins were born and Misty was traveling for work, I would pick Colby up from day care and head to Bob Evans for dinner. It would be pancakes and sausage for him and usually buffalo chicken for me. I am also a scout leader with them. I was an assistant leader for Colby’s den up until the twins were able to start and then I dropped down and became their den leader.

Sometimes even the smallest thing can be a big thing. Today Misty wanted a Diet Coke so Colby and I headed out. A quick stop at Speedway and 2 Spedyfreezes later, we were on our way for the Diet Coke.

I think my brain freeze is gone now.


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