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Blogging for Compassion

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A while back we made some changes in how we give the boys their allowance. The change gave them more over the course of the month but in turn for that they had to do a couple of things. One they had to pick up more chores around the house. Two, they had to put some back for savings. And three they had to give some of it away. One of the things we chose was to sponsor a child through Compassion International. I got an email from them the other day asking for bloggers to write about different aspects of Compassion and what they do. They want to bring more attention to the environments they kids live in.

So I thought I can do this. So I signed up and started looking over some of the things others have wrote about. Compassion will send me a topic each month to write about to help me get started for that month. I went back and looked at last month’s assignment,Can You Survive on $1.25? Well can you? Most families in third world countries have to live on about $1.25 a day. They have to make decision on like do I send my daughter to work at a factory that pays good? Sounds like an easy answer doesn’t it. Good money, sure sign her up. But then you hear a rumor that the factory is linked to the sex trafficking. How easy is the answer now? Do I drink dirty water or do I take my son out of school every three days to get the family clean drinking water?

An organization called  58:, a global initiative to end extreme poverty by living out Isaiah 58. They have created an online game to see how far you can make it through a month before you run out of money. I made it to day 19. You can try your luck here.

September is also blog month at Compassion. So this month instead of once a month, there will be one a week. They are trying to get more kids sponsored this September than any other September. That number by the way is 3,108. So look for a post next week on this and please think about sponsoring a child.


ps try the Survive 125 game and post how far you make it in the comments below. See if you can beat 19. 🙂


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