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Prayer of Thanks.

Sep 13, 2012 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

God I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to help Mikaela. I hope that not only can we help him but at the same time I can teach my boys something about giving and the needs of others. It has given us chances to talk to them about what life is like outside not only our home but our country. It has given us a chance to talk to them about giving and helping others.
I just can’t believe how things are in other parts of this world. I just can’t understand how I can complain about what I have to eat when Mikaela probably just feel lucky to eat. I complain about when something goes wrong here at the house when Mikaela probably just wants a warm place to sleep at night. I complain when my car starts having problems when children like Mikaela has to walk miles just for a clean drink of water.

You have blessed this country greatly and have protected us. Yet other parts of the world have almost nothing. Thank you for allowing me to live in this country. Yet I know with this honor comes responsibility.  I know that you give to me in hopes that I will give to others that don’t have.

I only hope my help makes a difference. I can only hope that my boys learn from this. I want them to learn that what they have is not a right but a responsibility. A responsibility to help others when they can. I want to help Mikaela grow up into the man you want him to be. The man that his country needs him to be.

Thanks God for this opportunity. Amen .

ps. would you consider praying for a child today? Please go here and just pick a child out and pray for them today.


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