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Actions speak louder than words

Nov 1, 2012 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


If you know Zach any at all then you know how much of a momma’s boy he is. He says always makes comments about how much he loves Misty more than me. But you know, it’s all talk. He makes this comment and that comment but if you pay attention then you know he loves us both. The boys’ school after each 9 weeks has an assembly called a HOPE Assembly. They present awards to the students that have earned them during the previous 9 week grading period. Well this year the school is being renovated and Zach and Gabe are in a different building Colby. The school had said at the beginning of the year that all HOPE Assemblies would be at the main building. Well I had it listed that it would be at the primary center, the building where Zach and Gabe go but they thought it was also at the main building.

Well I called the school and found out that it will be at the primary center. Right before I left to go to the assembly I get a call from the administrative assistant at the primary center saying that Zach wanted her to call me and let me know that it was in fact at the primary center and he was concerned that I would be going to the wrong building. When I got there she told me that he was worried that I was going to go to the wrong building.

Just goes to show how important it is to stay involved in your children’s lives. Even though he acts like he doesn’t care his actions show otherwise. I try to stay involved as much as I can. For Colby I have been one of his scout leaders and for the twins I helped coach one year of t-ball and then moved down to be their scout leader when they started last year. That’s been one of my main priorities is to be involved as much as I can. I know as they get older it will be more of a challenge but the more I get involved now the easier it will be later. At least I hope so.


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