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Prayers and Merry Christmas

Dec 25, 2012 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


RAMBLE ALERT – Just a warning. My rambling is ahead.

First of all I just wanted to say thanks for everyone that has been praying for my mom the last couple of days. She is feeling much better but still needs to get more of her strength back before she can head home. Being in the hospital over Christmas is no fun. I know, I did it back in college after having an appendicitis attack. That was not fun at all. In the hospital about 3 days before Christmas and out a couple of days after New Years.

With mom in the hospital, Christmas sure has been different this year. Lots of changes. New job. New church. Just lots of changes. But the biggest has been Christmas Eve. We usually have my family over for appetizers and gift exchange. Nothing major, but its something we all love. In fact, Zach mentioned in a journal that Christmas Eve is usually his favorite part of Christmas. This year? It was lunch with my dad and my brother and his family at a restaurant near the hospital and then over to the hospital to see mom. Then on to church and back home where we had a small dinner with some snacks.

It’s just hard to get into the Christmas mood when the days leading up to it is spent running back and forth to the hospital. It’s hard to get into the Christmas mood just weeks after 20 kids are shot down in their school. Now I hear that 5 are dead in an accident near my hometown.

But I know the reason for season and I know that we celebrate Christmas to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. I ran across this poem and the picture at the top of the post on a website and thought I would share it.

On Christmas Eve the other night
I saw the most amazing sight,
for there beneath the Christmas tree
was Santa kneeling on his knee.
His countenance was different than
that all-familiar, jolly grin;
his head was bowed, and hand to breast,
and slightly tucked into his vest.
For there in a Nativity
was Jesus and His family,
and as I heard him start to pray,
I listened close to what he’d say.
“Lord, You know that You’re the reason
I take pleasure in this season.
I don’t want to take Your place,
but just reflect Your wondrous grace.
I hope You’ll help them understand
I’m just an ordinary man,
who found a way to do Your will
by finding kids with needs to fill.
But all those centuries ago,
There was no way for me to know,
that they would make so much of me,
and all the gifts beneath the tree.
They think I have some hidden power
granted at the midnight hour.
But it is my love for You
Inspiring all the things I do.
And they give You all the Glory,
For, ‘You’re the One True Christmas Story.”

Original author

Alda Monteschio

The end of my rambling.

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!! 🙂


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