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Gabe’s Baptism

Oct 28, 2013 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

 “And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. For the old skins would burst from the pressure, spilling the wine and ruining the skins. New wine is stored in new wineskins so that both are preserved.”
Matthew 9:17
Nothing pleases me more with my boys than to see them accept Jesus as their Savior. The twins took a class on baptism and what it means last month. The class was leading into our church’s baptism service this past weekend. After the class, Misty and I talked to the boys to see if they were ready. Zach said no, that he was not ready. Gabe on the other hand was ready to go. At least that is what he said. We took his word for it and put him on the list.


Fast forward after the class to last Monday, we wanted to check with Zach one more time and still he said no. Well we wanted to talk to Gabe one more time. After asking him a few more questions, we didn’t know if he was ready or not. We asked him if he had asked Jesus into his heart and he said no. He thought that everyone who was being baptized would do it together. We told him no, that he needed to do that before Sunday. I then asked him if he wanted to do it now.
“No, I will do it Wednesday.”


What? No. Huh? What’s Wednesday have to do with it? He just didn’t want to do it then. So Misty and I talked about it some more and decided that he wasn’t ready and Misty let the church know on Tuesday to pull his name out.


Sunday comes and the church had one big service and had removed most of the chairs and asked that if you could, to sit on the floor and leave the empty chairs for those who couldn’t sit in the floor. It created a great environment as we all come together for the celebration. The service starts opens with “Let’s go down to the River to Pray” and then after a small teaching moment from Dave, our pastor, the baptisms start. The water flows off of the first person baptized and from Gabe’s eyes. He started crying with the first and didn’t stop.


As the service continues, it becomes more obvious that Gabe was really ready. The last baptism ends and Dave is ready to start communion. Misty looks at me and asked me what I think. I take Gabe to the bath room and talk to him. He says he is ready. So I get the attention of Dave and ask if we have time for one more. They had built time into the service for anyone who wasn’t on the list to get baptized so he holds communion up so they could have one more baptism.


I think took Gabe aside and sit down with him and lead him in the sinner’s prayer in our Green Room off stage and then brought him out.


Dave had brought some extra t-shirts since he felt like someone who was prepared to be baptized would be so we needed to get Gabe changed. As we were walking out, Misty told Gabe to take his shoes off. So he kicked them off right in the middle of the door way. Nothing was stopping him. I really think he would have baptized himself if we would have let him. So he walked up on stage, still in his socks. Dave handed us the t-shirt, meaning he could change in to it after, but Misty stood in front of him and changed his shirt right there on stage.


Gabe then walks up to our baptistery, which by the way is a horse trough. Hey it’s a church plant that just turned 5-years old. You do what you have to do. As he walks up, he tries to step in, but Dave stops him. He wants to talk to him first and then leads him in the confession. Again, Gabe is ready to jump in. I told you, he would have done it himself if we let him. After I talk for a little bit, Gabe is ready to get in and I get to baptize my son.


It was great. It was so awesome to really see the Holy Spirit work. The service was great, but it was so obvious how God was working with Gabe and us. He was so ready. He was a bit upset because my parents were not there to see it. If we had known, then we would have asked them up but again, we were thinking he wasn’t. But we are in a great church family. We have had photos and videos coming to us from several friends. Everyone was jumping up and getting photos and videos.


Afterwards, I could see it in Zach’s eyes that maybe he wished he had gone through with baptism. I talked to him some and so did Misty. He said he felt left out. This is the first big event in their lives where they both didn’t go though it together. I told Zach that there will be more and his time will come. Until then, we just have to pray and continue to lead them the way God wants us to lead them.



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