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Lots to be thankful for

Nov 24, 2013 | Uncategorized | 2 comments



His name was Matt.


Back to him later.


November is one of my favorite months. I guess because fall is my favorite season and Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. One of the more popular things on Facebook in November is where people post what they are thankful for. I thought one of these years I will do that. I just need to sit down ahead of time and map out the 30 things I am thankful for.


Hold that thought.


Had a great day today. We volunteered with Lighthouse Ministries to serve Thanksgiving meals to the poor and homeless in Lexington. It was a busy day but it was good. The boys were really good at helping and serving. Getting drinks, cleaning up and just doing what ever needed to be done. As I was thinking about the day and watching football at the house tonight, I looked down at my phone, probably to check Facebook. The number in the top left corner caught my eye.




24 degrees.


Back to Facebook. Scrolling down the page to see what people are saying. Are they posting what they are thankful for? What are they complaining about? More first world problems?


What’s that? Weather map. Talking about the wind chill tonight. Could hit single digits by the morning.


His name was Matt. A guy at a table asked me to bless this guy standing beside me. I looked at him and asked him do you need it? He said it couldn’t hurt. So I prayed for him there. Asking God to be with him and to always remind Matt that He is with him no matter what he is going through.


But back to serving today. We will come back to Matt again here in a bit.


As they were giving us some last minute instructions something caught my attention. They were telling us about if anyone with a wheelchair or walker came in that they would be seated up front. Easier for them to get in and out. Makes sense. It was the next phrase.


If anyone comes in with kids, we will sit them at these tables.


Kids? There will be kids here? Sure enough, the doors open and as the people come in, you see some children come in with them. We had a 15 month old sitting at our table.


24. Still 24 degrees out there.


Are these kids out in the 24 degree weather? Are they keeping warm tonight? Yes I have my bed and right before I sat down at my desk to put together the sermon notes for Sunday, I turned my electric blanket on. Is Matt out in this cold? Does he have a place to sleep tonight that he can lay down and not worry about getting frost bite, hypothermia or even worry about not making it through the night?


I have a lot to be thankful for. Great family. I have a job that keeps the heat on, a roof over our head and food on the table. I just don’t know if I could handle putting my list together after today.




Just checked again. It’s now 22 degrees out there. Wind Chill is about 11.


His name was Matt.


  1. Teri Yarbrough

    All I can say is WOW! Very powerful. I think you have your sermon right there.

  2. Teri Yarbrough

    All I can say is WOW! Very powerful. I think you have your sermon right there.


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