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I will never stop learning

Nov 13, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

“I will never stop learning” – Automatic Creed

Over the last couple of years, I have been using WordPress for building websites. WordPress started out as a blogging platform but thanks to the open source community it has evolved into so much more. But to be good at using WordPress you have to keep learning. You need to know SEO. You need to know security. You need to know plugins and themes. You need to know… Well, you get the picture.

One good thing about WordPress is the community. There are local groups all over the country and well, the world that meet around once a month to come together and talk all things WordPress. Every so often, these groups will host a bigger meeting call WordCamp. I was able to go up to Cincinnati this past weekend to attend WordCamp Cincinnati. All I can say is wow. I described it once that it was like drinking from a fire hydrant. So much information to take in over a short time. The sessions were all videotaped so I will be able to go back and watch them over again in case I missed something. I can also watch the sessions that I didn’t get to see.

But the best part is the hallway conversations. Being able to talk to someone who is also using WordPress and sharing knowledge is just amazing. One guy came in and talked about how to use Google Local and schema to help improve your sites Search Engine Optimization (SEO). After the session, he twitted that he would be out near the Happiness Bar (an area where WordPress experts hangout to help you with problems) to go over any SEO questions. Right before lunch, I skipped a session and went over and talked to him some about one of my sites. He gave me some tips on how to improve the site in the eyes of search engines, read Google.

I took sessions on SEO along with site encryptions and security. Other sessions included on how to build your brand and how to set and maintain a blogging schedule. After noticing I hadn’t updated this one in over a year, maybe I should really go back over my notes for that one. I also got to see a demo of the new content editing panel code-named Guttenberg. Debating on installing the plugin to go ahead and start using that.

The keynote was about being in WordPress communities and how they can help. The Lexington area does have a local group. I wish they didn’t meet on Monday though. I would like to be more involved in learning and also helping. Maybe one day they will change the evening they meet. But we will see.

Automatic, the company that makes WordPress has a creed, “I will never stop learning” WordCamp gave me that opportunity. I have already put some of the SEO tips in on some of the websites of mine and some that I have designed for others. But I don’t need to stop here. I need to keep learning.


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